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Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class, Mrs Ashley-Irving and Mrs Beaumont are very excited to be working with you all this year. We have lots of exciting activities planned, by the end of the year you will have not only learned a lot but also be more independent and responsible too!

About us

Teacher: Mrs Ashley-Irving

Teaching assistant: Mrs A Beaumont

Pupils: Reception and Year 1

Topic – Are carrots orange?

Using our new Cornerstones curriculum this term we are focusing on just one topic.  We will learn all about different foods, we will try different foods and cook different foods. Our topic begins with a trip to a supermarket to buy food and ends with a family meal!


Reception will be revising phase 2 sounds and beginning to learn phase 3 sounds.  We will also revise these sounds in our phonics stars sessions on a Tuesday afternoon with Katie.  You are welcome to attend from 19th September at 1.45pm.

Year 1 are now revising phase 5 phonics and thinking about how to choose the correct sound, for example see and sea.


Is given out every Friday to be completed and returned the following Thursday.

All children have a maths work book to complete one page per week, additionally reading daily - please give your book to Mrs Ashley-Irving or Mrs Beaumont when completed - and sounds to learn at home to support class phonics.  Finally optional topic homework will be handed out.


This term we will have a sports coach for PE sessions on Monday afternoons so please continue to ensure kit is in school at all times. We are often having PE outside so please ensure kit is appropriate for outdoor PE.


We no longer complete weekly spellings tests.  Spellings will be learned as part of our phonics and other lessons, if a word they are capable of is frequently miss-spelled it will be written into their spelling book to practice.


Children are read to twice a week in school, please ensure book bags have their reading record in and are in school at all times. 
Try to read often at home, asking your child questions about what they have read to ensure they understand it.

I have some book marks to aid these questions if you would like one please let me know.


Willow class went to Tesco!

We talked about the kinds of things sold at Tesco and how Tesco was different to a market.  We then ventured to the fruit and veg aisles, we first had to find food grown in our country - we found out that these foods have our special flag on them! We then had to complete a rainbow challenge finding different foods of each colour of the rainbow.  We added some of these to our basket as not all of use had tried them.  Next we headed to the fish mongers where we learned all about different fish we could eat, lots of us had tried lots of different fish.  Next to the milk aisle - our challege was to find milk produced by things other than a cow; we found goat's milk, soy milk, hazelut milk, almond milk, coconut milk and cashew milk.  We bought some of these to try too.  After that we headed to the butchers to find out which animals gave us different meats, we werent too sure about the liver! Finally we went to the bakery and smelled all the different flavoured breads.

We had a brilliant morning out!

Gruffalo Tusks!

Using our new cookbook and the fruit we bought at Tesco we made our own Gruffalo Tusks!

We had to chop the banana so we had a long curved tusk and chopped the other fruit into bite size pieces.  We then chose our fruit for our skewers being careful not to hurt ourselves on them.  We had lychees, blackberries, blueberries, apple, pear, banana, pomegranate and orange.

Trying food

After visiting Tesco we also tried some foods including lemon, avocado, goat's cheese, hazelnut milk, soya milk and tomato juice.  We wrote reviews for each food type and gave a star rating!


An alien crashed into our classroom and made quite a mess! We had to ask questions and draw a map of all the evidence before sorting it into bags.

We have a space station in our classroom and an astronaut training course outside!

We have also been looking at nocturnal animals which have hidden themselves in our classroom.


For remembrance FOTPS and Year 6 hid painted stones around the village with the names of the soldiers for the children to find and return to school, we also made poppies using loose parts, painted poppies using our finger prints, ordered poppies by size and had a balloon release after our 2 minute silence.

Children in Need

To celebrate children in need we came in non-school uniform and wore spots! We also made our own pudsey hats, got face painted in spots and had a cake sale!

Curriculum Evening

If you were unable to attend or just forgot some of the details here is the presentation I showed.  Any questions please come and ask me.

File icon: pptx Welcome to Willow Class [pptx 6MB] Click to download

Making paper mache balloons

As part of our Up! topic we explored colour mixing by painting balloons the three primary colours and then painting one by mixing the colours.  Come see our painting area for the finished product!

Teddy Bear's Picnic!

On Monday we had a brilliant day! In the morning we baked biscuits then in the afternoon we had a picnic with our friends and families.  We talked about how toys were different then and now, we made teddies and coloured teddies! What a busy and fabulous afternoon!

Going on a sound walk

We went around school to hear which classroom was the quietest, we also went outside to listen carefully. We heard birds in the sky, leaves rustling on trees and even a plane!

Listening on our playground

What might you hear on your sound walk?

Making some noises!

Next we used the provision in the classroom to make our own noises - Lucas was the loudest!

Making some noise!

Eddie was the quietest!

Making patterns

This week we have been learning about grouping, when we went outside we grouped ourselves into lots of groups - those wearing socks and those not, those wearing a coat and those not, those with light hair and those with dark hair (although Eliza and Jacob were a bit tricky to group), girls and boys.

Then in the classroom we grouped shapes and counters.

Phonics letter S

We went outside to practice our mark making of the letter S!

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

File icon: docx Early Years Foundation Stage Policy June 2017 [docx 48KB] Click to download