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Sycamore Class

Sycamore Class is the home of our wonderful Year 2 and 3 children, taught by Mr Hyde. Mrs O'Kane supports the children throughout the week too.

Please keep up to date with the latest goings-on in Sycamore through the school's Facebook page - click here to find out more!


Please remember that PE is on a Monday afternoon. Children will need both indoor and outdoor kit in school, including trainers and plimsolls!

Homework is due in on a Thursday and handed back on a Friday. For this term, children will receive one piece of homework a week in either Maths or English. This is optional and there will be no sanction if homework is not completed, but doing so will really help our pupils achieve to their best ability!

Beat Band Boogie!

This term, our topic is Beat Band Boogie!

Boom, boom, boom parrup, bah-dum TISH! Here comes the marching band! Left, right, left, right... Atten-SHUN!

Step in time to the beat: 1, 2, 3, 4! Let's make sounds, high and low!

That sound is loud! That one's quiet... shhh, listen up! What can you hear? There are sounds all around. What's making each one?

Name all the instruments in the band and be part of a 'body orchestra'! Pat your knees, clap your hands, tap your feet - let's move to the beat.

Now march up the hill with the Grand Old Duke of York, beating your drum or shaking your shaker.

Then it's time to perform... oh, what a performance! Your audience loves you, so take a bow!