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British Values and Democracy

British Values

Our values make us what we are. As a country, the United Kingdom has a long, rich history of integration and cooperation, something we wish to reflect in our school. Therefore, being aware of our British Values and promoting them across the school is an important part of our daily life here at Tetney.


One of the most obvious examples of our promotion of British Values is our use of democracy; and here at Tetney Primary School we take democracy very seriously! It is a key British value and central element of our everyday lives. Therefore, as a school, we have put in place a number of opportunities each year to demonstrate the democratic process of voting and the positive benefits this can bring.

Tolerance and Understanding of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Being in a rural, farming community, it is important for us as a school to promote the knowledge and understanding of people from other cultures and belief systems. Therefore as a school we use subjects such as Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education to broaden our children’s awareness and appreciation of people and communities we might not ordinarily come across in our daily lives. This helps us to be aware of life outside our village and the opportunities and interests that the wider world offers.

Rule of Law

At Tetney we have a set of rules which are part of our daily lives. These clear structures allow children, parents and staff to know what the rewards for good behaviour are and what the consequences of poor behaviour will be. As a school we are keen to celebrate achievement, but also ensure that children are given the opportunity to reflect upon and consider the outcome of any poor conduct. As a result standards of behaviour at Tetney are very high, which allows our children to thrive and enjoy at school all the more.

Individual Liberty

Children at Tetney Primary School have choice and freedom in their both their learning and their play. As a school we promote independence and the freedom to make choices. This creates an environment where children are proactive and inclusive, able to work and play as individuals or in a range of different groups. Teaching children to make the right choices is central to our role as a school.

Mutual Respect

Promotion of all of the above British Values has a clear, combined outcome: mutual respect. At Tetney Primary School we respect each other. Whether teacher or student, we respect each other’s ideas and beliefs and work hard to ensure that every member of the school is comfortable to show and express their thoughts, safe in the knowledge they will be listened to and respected. This creates a culture of openness and enthusiasm, where children and staff alike work hard and achieve good results.


We use a planned series of assemblies to promote our values as both a school and a country. To celebrate our achievements, once a week on a Friday we invite parents and relatives into the school to join us in an achievement assembly where we reflect on the positive outcomes of the week both at home and at school. Our achievement assemblies are always well attended and reflect the prominent role our school has in the local community.