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Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class, Mrs Ashley-Irving and Mrs Wade are very excited to be working with you all this year. We have lots of exciting activities planned, by the end of the year you will have not only learned a lot but also be more independent and responsible too!

About us

Teacher: Mrs Ashley-Irving

Teaching assistant: Mrs K Wade

Pupils: Reception and Year 1

Topic – Castles and Homes

Geography – learning about the United Kingdom
History – Events beyond Living Memory - The Great Fire of London
Science – seasonal change from Spring to Summer.  Materials.
Art – Colour including pattern, shape, texture and form.
DT – Construction


Reception are now revising phase 3 phonics focusing on the digraphs and trigraph; oa, oi, ai, ee, igh, oo  ar  or ur ow, both writing and reading are really important.

Reception children also need to be able to read and write the tricky words - you, was, my, no, go, the.


Year 1 are now revising phase 5 phonics focusing on the alternative sounds each letter can make ready for their phonics  screen check.


Is given out every Friday to be completed and returned the following Friday.


This term Year 1 will have sports coaches for PE sessions so please continue to ensure kit is in school at all times. We are often having PE outside so please ensure kit is appropriate for outdoor PE.

Reception children have their PE sessions with Mrs Ashley-Irving and will be practising for Sports day - this will mainly be outside so ensure appropriate kit is available at all times.


Year 1s – Spellings will be tested each Friday morning, please try to practice each week at home.


Children are read to twice a week in school, please ensure book bags have their reading record in and are in school at all times. 
Try to read often at home, asking your child questions about what they have read to ensure they understand it.

I have some book marks to aid these questions if you would like one please let me know.

Acting out Jack and the Beanstalk

We read the story lots of times and learned the Giant's threat then acted out our own version.


We use our interests to support our learning, here the boys used their mobilo cars to subtract wheels!


Using sand to work out the capacity in cups.

Comparing capacity

Preparing dinner for the Three Bears, which cooking pots and plates have the most capacity?

School Trips

We try to go on a school trip each term, we have so far been to Waltham Windmill as part of our healthy eating topic and local area topic, Louth Hubbards Hills and St James Church as part of our natural art topic and we are soon going to Tattershall Castle as our Castles topic.

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy