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Welcome from Mrs Gardiner and the Year 1 and 2 children of Oak Class.

This term our topic is "Castles and Homes" we will be covering traditional stories, materials in Science, events beyond living memory in History, the UK in Geography and colourful artists!


About us

Teacher: Mrs Gardiner

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Beaumont

Pupils: Years 1 & 2


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Planting Beans

Growing our own beanstalks - will we get to the giants castle?


We tested how waterproof different materials are to find out which on would make the best umbrella.


These are the different materials we used.







This term

Year 1 writing targets:

  • Re writing traditional stories.
  • To end sentences with full stops,question marks and exclamation marks.
  • To form all letters correctly.

Year 1 reading targets:

To read common suffixes e.g: es, s, er, ing, ed.

Year 2 writing targets:

To form capital letters,digits and lower case letters showing good control over orientation and size.
To use verbs and adverbs to make their writing more interesting.
To write an exlamation sentence.

Year 2 reading targets:

To read common suffixes e.g.enjoyment, sadness, careful, hopeless, badly.
To read common exception words.

Year 1 targets.

To write numbers to twenty as words.

To tell the time to o`clock and half past times.

Year 2 target:

To tell the time to quarter to and quarter past on analogue and digital clocks.

To write and recognise the equivilance of simple fractions.

Our PE day is a Tuesday and children require outdoor and indoor PE kit. Year 1 and Year 2 are being taught a variety of skills by a professional coach.


Just a reminder once your child has finished their reading book they can put it in the basket and it will be changed. It is important that you write in your child’s reading record and read any comments from school. It is important that your child reads a range of text including magazines, signs, leaflets etc.

Key words:
In your child’s homework book there is a sheet of key words which they need to practice reading and spelling regularly.

The spelling scheme has changed and in year 2 weekly spellings will no longer be send home. Occasionally, a spelling activity will be sent home to follow up what we have been learning about. The new scheme has been very effective and we have only been using it for 2 weeks. For children in Year 1, please practice reading and spelling the common exception words in their red book and we will test the children every couple of weeks on these.


Year 2 will be given Maths and English homework activities to revise key areas that will be covered in their SATs papers. Year 1 will be given extra work on Maths and English topics that are being taught in class.