Tetney Primary School

Humberston Road, Tetney, NE Lincs DN36 5NG T 01472 812074 E enquiries@tetney.lincs.sch.uk

Hello and welcome to Tetney Primary School.

Days of learning filled with fun 

Set in the beautiful village of Tetney, we strive to make sure the school is at the heart of the community and encourage the children to develop a strong sense of belonging and responsibility. They are, after all, the future of the village. Our school is situated in pleasant grounds that feature a garden, two playgrounds and a large field with fixed play equipment. The inclusion of all in the day to day life of the school is vital and we welcome parents and the wider community to form strong partnerships with Tetney Primary School so our children can be supported to be the best that they can be.

We would like to formally introduce ourselves as the interim head teachers Mrs Sue Beveridge and Mrs Lindsay Alldis.

It is with great pride we take on the headship and it is a privilege to be working with the Tetney children who are polite, well- mannered, full of enthusiasm and have such an amazing range of individual talents, in short they are an absolute joy!

Between us we bring a wealth of experience to the role including many previous successful headships of schools, both large and small; and a wide range of school improvement work. Most importantly though, it is the joint passion and determination we share in making sure that we achieve the best education possible for the children in our care.

Currently a real feature of the school are the small classes. There are five classes.
1 Willow – Reception and Year 1
2 Oak – Year 1 and Year 2
3 Sycamore – Year 3
4 Elm –Year 4 and Year 5
5 Cedar – Year 6

The substantive head teacher left her position at the end of August 2016, and the governing body have swiftly started the process of appointing a new head teacher. The appointment is likely to be for Easter or the summer of 2017 depending on the respective applicants. We, as the interim head teachers, are committed to working with the school up until the new head teacher starts their position. Mrs Alldis will then stay on as a consultant to support the new head teacher during their transition into their new role. This will ensure continuity and progression for the school.

The Governing Body have successfully recruited and appointed  Miss Sarah Addison to the position of permanent head teacher of Tetney Primary School. Miss Addison is to start the her role after the Easter holidays. We would both like to take this opportunity to congratulate Miss Addison on her appointment and wish her every success in the future.

The inclusion of everyone in the day to day life of the school is vital and we would like to encourage and welcome parents and the wider community to take an active interest in the life of the school in any way they can. We ensure there are opportunities to visit school to celebrate and share the children's work, and there is currently lots of information on the website which will continue to develop over the academic year. Teachers greet children, parents and carers at the beginning and the end of the day. You are always able to phone to talk with a member of staff or to make an appointment about any concern or comment you would like to discuss. YOUR VIEWS AND COMMENTS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO US. We feel strongly that it is only by working in partnership with you that we can we deliver the best possible education for your children.

School Performance 2016

Key Stage 2 Results

At expected level or above

National Results







Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling






Key Stage 1 Phonics Screening

Reaching required standard

Year 1’s


Year 2’s Resit


Key Stage 1

Reaching expected standard or above







We are immensely proud of how well our children have achieved academically, but as always we know that we can improve. However what these results don’t measure is the heart, the warmth, the effort and the character of our wonderful children. They have such a wide range of talents that they share with us daily and it is each of their unique personalities that makes Tetney Primary School such an exceptional place to be!

Mrs Sue Beveridge     Mrs Lindsay Alldis