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Current Governor Information

Name Governor Term of office Monitoring areas Subject monitoring Responsibility appointed by Register of business interests relationship to staff
Sarah Addison Head Teacher Appointed 2017 Leadership & Governance, outcomes, Finance Teaching & Learning Assessment Head Teacher Safeguarding & Child protection FGB none none
Anne-Marie Fearn co-opted 2014-2018 Pupil Interviews Maths Chair of Governors FGB none none
      Finance/Leadership Assessment Safeguarding/Child protection/ Preschool FGB    
David Holden Parent 2013-2017 Sports Premium PE Parent/Staff Questionaires Parents/ FGB none none
Tom Chapman co-opted 2016-2020 Single central record   Vice chair of governors FGB none none
      Finance /Leadership   Health and Safety Safeguarding      
Samantha Winn Staff 2016-2020 School Council   Teaching Staff/FGB none Staff member
Karen Rutherford LA 2016-2020 Pupil Interviews EYFS SEN Governor     LAC/First aid LA /FGB none none
Dominka Fenner Parent 2016-2020 Finance ICT HR Governor parents/FGB none none
      Leadership Web site,Parent View        
Graham Riddle Parent 2017-2021 Finance Thematic Fire Safety parents/ FGB none none
Amy Miskelly co-opted 2016-2020     Behaviour /Welfare FGB none none
Tarnia Roberts Parent 2017- 2021 Pupil Premium Literacy   parents/ FGB none none
      Outcomes   News letter Governors report      
Governor Vacancies: 1 co-opted   Vision /Values   School premises & grounds      




Governors who have resigned in the past Year

  Governor Term of office Appointed by
Steve Johnson Parent 2013-2016 Parents/FGB
Andrew Havery Parent 2013-2016 Parents/FGB
Kathy Creek Parent 2015-2016 Parents/FGB
Anthony Powell co-opted 2015-2016 FGB
Vicky Dixon Staff 2012-2016 Staff
Heidi Dows   2016 Head teacher
Helen Carter   2016 Head teacher
Mike Eckersley Co-opted 2016-17 FGB

Clerk to Governors

Diane Grimshaw
Governor Support Officer
Cleethorpes Civic Offices, Knoll Street, Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, DN35 8LN
Telephone 01472 323074  

File icon: pdf Governors Code of conduct Tetney May 2017 [pdf 65KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf link governor tasks protocol sept 2017 [pdf 203KB] Click to download